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National Agents Alliance Fan Page

This was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life. The personal growth that I gained with National Agents Alliance is priceless. I had no idea what to expect and could have never guessed in a million years all that was rolled into the weekend!
- Michelle Lindquist

The personal development is what I enjoyed the most, I feel that a company that cares enough to address the struggles of the individual, his family and life speaks volumes about National Agents Alliance. The money is important but a company that truly cares for its people is a place I would always consider home. National Agents Alliance is a first class company from the Top to the bottom!!!
- Larry Torres

The women's seminar was phenomenal as usual. Jane Albright and Heather Fitzgerald are just amazing women.
- Kayla Aaron

Multimedia. wow! more videos, please! more music / special effects. the kind of stuff that mamby pamby companies would never attempt! *AND* the guests rocked...
- Patrick Connors

Through Andy Albright's stories, I was really able to catch the big vision. It was very inspirational to hear the obstacles he and Jane overcame, the hard work and dedication to bring National Agents Alliance where it is today and where it is headed. It really caused me to search deeper within myself.
- Deb Kucera

This was exactly what I needed to feel like I can can achieve my goals. To see folks that are no different from me achieving such remarkable things is extraordinary.
- Judith Sullivan

I feel like I can do this. I'm insanely motivated now to build an amazing business for myself and my family. I already see changes in my behavior, both personally and professionally since I arrived home, that I know were a result of being at this convention.
- Kimberly Sutton

We cannot fail when we combine the unparalleled leadership of Andy Albright with the spiritual guidance provided by Tim Goad. I loved also the Hollywood aspect, and the movie trailers were priceless. Absolute genius!
- David Brannan

I loved how they truly got the "nuts and bolts" of everything we need! This convention has given me the right tools to get out there get committed and help some families! I'm definitely going to the next one and all the ones after that! And bringing my boyfriend! They get better every year! Keep up the awesome work National Agents Alliance!!
- Sarah Toland

Very informative, very fun and energetic...great examples of success and how simple and lucrative this business is. The event truly changed my outlook and I'm sure everyone else's!!
- Marcus Jones

I very much enjoyed the pure fun and laughter from all of the leaders. The advice was great and for those who heard it the message was clear and simple......work and you will succeed with us!
- Jaime Young

The atmosphere was electric and inspiring. I have not performed as well as I thought I would, coming on board last fall, and I needed the spark fed back into me. I am re-energized now and looking forward to making 2011 my year with National Agents Alliance.
- Patrick T. Rodriguez

National Agents Alliance took it to a whole other level this year. The music, the movies, the speakers, it was all great!
- Lauren Cook

I like how National Agents Alliance makes the idea of work/earning money to be a healthy part of life and that work is something in which the whole family can participate to the degree of each one's ability. National Agents Alliance has given me many, many ideas for motivating myself on many levels. (This is my first convention- I came with my husband.)
- Denise Bartlett

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