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About National Agents Alliance

National Agents Alliance Recruiters:

National Agents Alliance recruiters are responsible for helping build our sales force at the national headquarters. Our recruiters help people who are interested in joining National Agents Alliance’s insurance sales team by giving them the necessary tools to become a rock star. Recruiters find agents and equip them with the training and tools they need to grow and succeed, allowing agents to work their way up the income they desire. As agents consistently make more sales and move up the agent level rank, they move closer and closer to one day having their own agency within the company. We are proud to coach, encourage and motivate agents to be their own rock stars with NAA.

National Agents Alliance:

National Agents Alliance is one of America's Top Marketing Organizations, working alongside "A" Rated companies such as Mutual of Omaha, ING, Columbian Financial Group and Foresters. National Agents Alliance offers some of the best financial products available on the market, and has representatives in all 50 states with our annual financial services sales reaching over $100 million.

Because of high customer satisfaction, innovative lead programs, referrals, and the most lucrative agent compensation program in the industry we have been able to grow faster than we ever thought was possible. Our secret is: we serve our clients.

As we hire new agents onto our team, we teach this service-oriented mindset, along with our President and CEO Andy Albright’s eight core values. With an established set of values and expectations, we create a positive environment founded on the desire to make a difference by helping others. When you become your own rock star with National Agents Alliance, you will see how we have fun, make money and make a difference in the lives of American families as well as our own.

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